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List the Type of DC-AC Inverter you use

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  • List the Type of DC-AC Inverter you use

    I'm trying to create a list of AC-DC inverters used in our projects to help others in their quest to purchase inverters for their project. (I know DC-DC would be better, but this information is still useful)

    What I’m looking for is information such as:

    * Brand

    * Price

    * Wattage

    * “Buzzing” tendencies on audio channels, scale 1-10 (1 – No buzzing & 10 – Drives you nuts)

    * Size

    General Computer info

    * Board type
    * Extra stuff

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    $50 at walmart
    no buzzing on audio channels (1) but a fairly loud fan


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      A lot about the buzzing will depend on how it's hooked up to your system, where it's mounted and what kind of AC-DC PSU you have in your machine.

      I'm using a mastercraft 400W inverter, it was $60CDN (~$45USD) and works well for me, however I found with one AC-DC PSU that I got humming in the system, but with another I didn't. Additionally using a power bar can either hinder or help, depending.

      Almost all inverters are going to be the same (or similar) size, with the exceptions of low and high end ones (i.e. 75 or 150W ones can be rather small, 700W or bigger tend to get larger, but in the 200-700W range they're usually pretty much the same size, or so I think)
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