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Need help choosing a power supply

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  • Need help choosing a power supply

    Trying to build my first car computer and have a question about the power supply to use for an Intel DN2800MT.

    Which one do I use?

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    you've got a few options with the DN2800MT.
    you could use the on board power and do some sort of 12V regulation outside the case
    you could also use the on-board "P2" (it's half of a typical P4 connector) and provide power to it with any of the ituner psu's (or other automotive psu's)

    one option would be a DCDC-USB from ituner; you can use it's p4 output and the p4 cable will plug right into the "p2" on the DN2800MT. The extra 2 pins will just hang off the edge.