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Anyone using a DSATX with a 4-pin ATX power connection?

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  • Anyone using a DSATX with a 4-pin ATX power connection?

    I've used the M2-ATX successfully until the system became too big and overloaded it. The jumper settings worked great and I had what I wanted.

    Then came the M4-ATX which simply does not do what it says on the box. Yes, you can change settings but they don't work.

    My board is powered by the 4-pin ATX and needs the larger connector to have two pins connected or it will not power up. With that hard wired connection the M4 does not think the board is ever asleep. When I tell it to not retry shutdowns it uses the retry timer value as the hard off value. Support is ok until they realize you are flogging a dead horse. Then you get no response at all.

    So what of the DSATX? Is anyone using it with a board that uses only the 4-pin ATX connection? Do you need to hard wire the 20-pin connector? Does it shutdown at the right time? Will it power up again before the hard off (M4 does not). Will it hard off at the right time?

    I'm looking for a 5 second power off, 10-20 minute hard off.
    If power on before hard off, it just comes back on on (like the M2).

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    First of all, that 4-pin power connector is NOT an ATX power connector.
    What you are doing is jury-rigging an ATX power supply to power your setup.
    This will be the same for an Opus unit, an M-series or a DSATX, as they are all ATX power supplies with the 20-pin (or 24-pin) ATX power connector.

    You are better suited to get a regulator that provides the regulated 12vDC you need, like a Carnetix P2140. It also has a startup/shutdown controller built-in.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I should have used the proper name for the connector which is ATX-4P.

      The M2 worked great with my board until too many peripherals were added. As my setup is contained within a Black-Box-N enclosure (including power supply) the Carnetix is not an option.

      The logic of the M2 in the M4 would be great but there's just no way to get the M4 to behave that way. I would still like to hear from anyone using a DSATX with an ATX-4P setup.