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M2-atx randomly hard power off

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  • M2-atx randomly hard power off

    Lately my carpc has been doing weird things I think are power supply related.I have a voompc 2 case using an intel dg45fc mobo running win xp. The car boots no problem but sometimes it will randomly shut off while driving or even with the engine off and key on acc.Then it will turn back on and reboot and just after win boots it will shut right off again.Very frustrating,so far I have ran 8ga power and ground wires directly to the pc,ran external power button and reset button,a relay triggered by the key acc wire.

    Im worried this might do damage to the mobo or the hdd.I built this pc over 4yrs ago when the m2 atx was still just fairly new to market.Has then been any revisions from the first model that may be more stable and mine is just old and worn?With all accessories on and the car has no a/c but with heater fans,2 amplifiers,headlight/foglights etc on Im still above 13v at idle with a 150amp alternator,4ga wire directly to the battery.2ga wire ground points on the motor and battery and 2ga power wire to main fuse panel.Voltage nor amperage shouldnt be a problem in my situation.

    Need idea or im going to be spending money doing trial/error trying to find a remedy.All connections are soldered and heat shrinked with no visible signs or wear or breaks yet.

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    My old M2-ATX is having similar issues too, only just with the HDD drive, everything powers perfectly using a regular PC power supply in the house, but using the M2-ATX it randomly loses power to the hard disk, mine is also one of the original model M2 boards.
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