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  • m3 atx psu help

    i bought the toughbox 14 package and i recently tried to start it and load all of the mobo software and install the os on it. but im not getting any video out. since im kinda a novice at computers i tried disconnecting and reconnecting all of my components and harnesses to eliminate oxidation on the contacts, but still no video out. i took it to a computer store and had a diagnostic done on it. they said the reason im not getting any video output is because im using a 20 pin atx psu and i need a 24 pin atx psu. but the documentation on the mobo says either a 20 or 24 pin will work. im just using the 20 pin psu by itself. do i need something else to make it work properly that im missing? im thinking its probably not that i need a 24 pin psu because why would they sell the mobo and the psu in a bundle together if they werent compatible? has anyone come across this? i could really use some help. thanks guys

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    If you only have 20pin atx cable you also need the 4pin atx cable for the mainboard cpu power looks like this looking at the package it , I can't really tell whats going on as they say you get a carnetix 2140 power supply and it has a m-3. I need more info to help really SNO
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      how would the 4 pin connector get power from the psu to the motherboard? i looked at the puter package i got and i dont see anything about a carnetix psu, it just says i get the m3 atx psu


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        heres an update since i picked up the computer from the store. the tech they had working on it said he could not get it into post when he tried a regular 20 pin, a 20+4 pin, or a 20 to 24 pin adapter all by themselves. he could get it into post using a regular 24 +4 pin psu. so im just not sure if the psu is compatible with this mobo. has anyone gotten that package and had it work successfully?


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          Can you take a picture of the mainboard or give me the model number of the mainboard. the m3 can not do the extra 4pin power for the cpu plug unless you mod it. But first pic or model # SNO
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   this is the mobo