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Powering USB Hub option

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  • Powering USB Hub option

    Hey Gang,

    I am looing at changing a hub from unpowered to powered due to some adjustments I am doing in my car. I have been considering the, the StarTech ST7200USBM Mountable Rugged Industrial 7 Port USB Hub, or the RAM Tough Powered 6 Port USB Hub -- but for one reason or another non really fit what I want. I also considered the DCDC-USB Intelligent DC-DC Converter with USB Interface and Metal Enclosure, which is WAY overkill for what I am looking at doing (and pricey to boot). While doing my research I came across the following device:

    I imanged using a Y-cable (like the following):

    to provide power to the hub -- however, I am unsure how that would work out - given that usually you use the y-cable with 2 usb ports from the same hub. Would this idea blow something up? Would it actually work? Any ideas...

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    You can just get one of these and use a regular 6 port hub. I have a 10 port hub using a meanwell 5v 5amp power supply and have no problems, I also have installed and used the RAM 6 port hub. Hope this helps SNO


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      Those are small - may step up to the 5V 5Amp version though... Thanks for pointing those out!