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  • Playstation 3 power supply

    Hi I am looking at preeminently fitting a ps3 in my transit minibus taxi to while away the boring hours sat on the rank. I have a lilput monitor from a previous car pc/Xbox install and my kenwood DVD player has a av in for the sound. I am planning to fit a decent sized solid state drive in the ps3 but my question is how can I power it? All I seam to find is everyone saying "use an inverter". But I didn't see the point in upping the voltage to 240 for the ps3 to drop it bk down again. This was not a prob with the Xbox because the psu is separate to the machine so I ran it off a standard 12v to 12v pc power supply and a lead I bought off eBay with a atx plug one end and a Xbox one the other. But the ps3 power supply is built in. I was thinking of doing the same thing again but hard wiering it straight to the ps3 and dumping its 240v psu out for a 12v to 12v supply. I am just unsure of the ps3 power requirements and there for what oc supply to use. Any advice would be grate thanks

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    It shouldn't be too hard, you can power it through a standard ATX power supply so if you could find something similar to the m2-atx but can supply more power then it shoul be possible.


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      Yer I thought the wireing side would be pretty simple but not sure about the amps ect. Since posting I have found out the ps3 needs 12v 16a and 5v 9a but the m2-atx 160w only provides 12v 8a peek 10a and 5v 8a peek 10a so the 5v side will b ok but not sure about the 12v side. Is this power output for both the 20pin conector and the 4pin one combined or is it 10a max each? If so can I connect the two together to spred the load or can I get 2 m2-atx side by side powered from the same battery and connect the 12v rails together for 20a peek supply?


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        You want to look at the M4-ATX power supply. This is basically an ATX power supply that runs off Automotive DC instead of AC.
        This is a 250Watt (300Peak) power supply intended to replace the standard supply in a standard PC case.

        You can get more information at the manufacturers website at .

        On my old PS3 it said it was 360W on the case. I also have a PS3 Slim but I have no idea the needed power for it.
        If what you are showing is the required power for JUST the PS3 then you are sitting at 242W needed. That doesn't leave a whole lot of power extra.

        In this case if your SSD drive uses more than 10W you may want to power it separately with a small PC supply such as the M2-ATX. Just not sure the ramifications of using two separate power supplies like that. You certainly don't want to try combining supplies to power the PS3. You may have to connect the Ground outputs of the power supplies to use a second one for the SSD but I am unsure. I have a small ARM board here that has a SATA on it and my understanding is I have to use a separate power supply to power it if I use one since there is no SATA power cable nor a connector for one on this board. I have not crossed that bridge to know yet for sure what is needed for sure.

        Also an Inverter is really what you should be using. A good quality inverter is a WHOLE lot less work. Not to mention if ANYTHING goes wrong with your PS3 all it costs is $99 to have it refurbished from Sony. You pay nothing for shipping in either direction. If you hack up your PS3 you will be SOL if you have an issue with it.


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          Hi right had a play with the 300w mains psu. Checked the amps drawn on the 12 and 5v rails. They were way way below what the 160w m2-atx was rated for so got a spare car battery and hooked up. No problems at all!!!! The old m2 I had in my draw ran it just fine right down to 7v in the car battery. Charged this car battery up (it is good but quite low amps) and it ran the ps3 off the m2-atx with the ps3 just sitting there on the normal screen for over 2 and a half hours!!!! Wow!!! That's more than enough. So moved the hole set up into the car. It all ready has a factory fitted twin battery set up from new that's cuts one battery off and saves it for starting and allows the spare to run down completely. So connected the set up to this battery and turned the heater fan to "2" to add a little extra load to cover for the monitor and the sound system plus extra draw from the ps3 being played and it lasted over 1 and a half hours befor it was down to 8v so then I started it and it struck up fine and the ps3 stayed on yay it works thanks for the advice. Just got the Fitt it all in now and think I am going to invest in a small LCD volt meter to sit on the dash so I can monitor the supply volts and start the engine for 15 min or so when needed


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            Andrew, you will still want to look at getting an M4-ATX, you are well over the power rating of the M2 and will eventually burn it out possibly taking the PS3 out with it. The extra 100W capacity the M4-ATX provides is worth the $80... You could always sell your M2 on here as long as you do it before you burn it up if you want to cushion the cost a little bit.