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Dcdc USB and pico thumping noise

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  • Dcdc USB and pico thumping noise

    Hello all. I am building boat puter for music, video, etc. I have a zotac mother board and a lilliput touch screen. I have a pics power supply which runs the mother board perfectly. But because I am on a boat and will have large voltage swings I wanted to use a dcdc regulator. I purchased mini box intelligent dcdc USB regulator to supply 12 volts to the pics and the touchscreen and quad amp. The problem I am having is the Dcdc regulator is causing a heart beat thumping noise in the speakers and it doesn't stop unless I by pass the regulator.

    Any ideas?

    Any other options to power the board, amp, and screen?

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    Have you tried contacting the company? They may have some ideas for you. A lot of times a hum or buzz or a simple thump can be an indication of a difference in ground potentials. If you have wide voltage swings you may want to look at getting a .5 Farad Capacitor which is normally used in Car Audio to help provide a little extra umph to the amplifiers during heavy Base. Caps help to stabilize the voltage. These are also used as noise filters in some vehicles as well. Boats can be a problem sometimes with electronics originally designed for automotive use due to the fact the body is normally a non conductive fiberglass or wood and instead have to depend on wires.

    You may also have to get a noise isolator between your amp and your PC outputs if you can't figure out another way. These are called Ground Loop Isolators.

    Good luck!


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      Did you ever figure this out? Mine is doing the same thing.


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        Instead of going dcdc-usb -> picoPsu, why not just get M3 power supply?
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          I'm just running the dc-dc usb and have this problem. Something is holding one of my amps on. It makes a pulsed thumping sound until the laptop shuts down. It even makes the sound when the rca cables are removed and the power is removed from the laptop.
          I'm going to start unhooking things until I figure out what it is.