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Using a 'LED power supply' on a Pico-ITX?

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  • Using a 'LED power supply' on a Pico-ITX?

    I've just purchased a Pico-ITX moterboard I plan to use in a car PC build and am looking at a 12V power supply for it. Unlike standard ATX/ITX boards this only uses a 5V supply at a minimum of 8W (according to the datasheet). This means that standard car PSUs are overkill and not suitable in this case.

    Looking on eBay I see 'LED power supplies' that take in anywhere up to 24V and supposedly put out a steady 5V (15W or 25W depending on version). Best thing is they can be had for under $10.

    Are they at all suitable for this purpose? If not can someone suggest a 5v PSU that would be?

    (P.S. Sorry if this has already been asked, tried to use the search feature to look for older posts but its currently giving me an error.)