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Regulated 12V needed for Car to mount router.

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  • Regulated 12V needed for Car to mount router.


    I've in the past been using a WRT54G router when on camping trips or at concerts as it had an inbuild voltage regulator that would handle external voltages from 7v all the way up to about 20v.

    This meant it could be plugged into car electronics directly without too many concerns.

    However I need to replace this unit now with a WNDR3700 which does not seem to have a voltage regulator on it so need to supply it a smooth 12v (+/- 10%), there is contradictory information about whether it needs under 1A or 2.5A but I'll get to the bottom of that.

    Commercial voltage regulators seem to cost a ridiculous amount of money so I thought people here could be able to give me some guidance.

    I'm based in the UK so please take that into account if suggesting specific components, I'm happy enough to make up a breadboard (though my soldering skills are somewhat rusty) if it's not too complicated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How about something like this not bad price, that router won't be drawing anymore than that. I would think the 1.25amp would be good enough and thats much cheaper SNO