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? on Jeff Mucha's Shutdown Controller

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  • ? on Jeff Mucha's Shutdown Controller

    I recently just purchased one used, and before I go connecting random wire I wanted to verify their connections...
    I looked on his site for the diagrams and it seems that the one I have is slightly different.
    Mine appears to be smaller than the ones in his pics, Mine only has 2 jumpers(which goes to the mobo switch?) and the 3 dials are seperated so I'm not sure which are R1-R3?
    As for the wires I'm assuming they are the same as the one on his site looking down on it Vout,Gnd,Gnd,Vin(green wire soldered here?), Aux

    Any help would be great,

    This is one the last things before I can put it into my car

    Apolo V.
    2002 DSM RSX-S
    Custom Car PC Re-design Pending Completion of fiberglassing dash and trunk