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Need PSU help please

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  • Need PSU help please

    I have a Jetway NC98 ION2 Series with the D525 Intel Atom processor. The motherboard does not have the usual ATX power connector so the frequently used M2/M3-ATX power supply looks like it won't work. It has the 12v power connector connected directly to the motherboard. What kind of power supply do I need to hook this up in my car. I have everything I need to get started such as the machine is built and tested (using a 12v wall adaptor) and a liliput 7" USB powered touch screen along with centrafuse 4 w/navigation. I have been running it in my car with a power inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter. Please help because I want to hook it upmto start when the car is started and shut down when I turn it off.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I had the same problem with a thin client I have. I had an old M2-ATX sitting around, so I took a plug off of the M2-ATX that was supposed to run a hard drive or CD-rom. The 4-pin molex with the red, black and yellow wires. Yellow is +12VDC. I went to Radio Shack and got a plug that fit the thin client, then soldered wires from the yellow and black of the HDD or CD-rom molex to the plug for the thin client. The M2-ATX has a 2 pin plug on it that goes to the motherboards power switch, Front panel connector. Any automotive power supply will most likely have three wires for power input, battery, ground, and ignition. Hook those up according to the power supply's instructions, set any jumpers for timing the startup and shutdown, and you should be set. With a motherboard that runs on 12VDC, you don't need the 20-pin ATX connector. But I really would recommend the supply, because with it you get the smart startup and shutdown, and you get regulated power. 12VDC from the cigarette lighter is NOT a constant 12VDC. It goes up and down based on charging, alternator dump, engine cranking, etc.