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Do I need to use a diode?

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  • Do I need to use a diode?

    I have three PT5071's that I am going to run in parallel to give me 4.5 amps at 12volts. Do I need to use diodes on the outputs to protect the PT5071's from each other? If so what?


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    diodes have .6v drop so if you diode isolate them, your final voltage would be some like 11.4v
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      For shizzle?

      I mean, if I don't isolate them I will destroy them in time, right?


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        Surely someone can help me answer this question.


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          what the hell is a PT5071? i might be able to help you, if you state what it is!
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            The PT5071 is a rather nice piece of kit. It is an ISR (integrated switching regulator) than can produce 1.5A of clean 12v from a 7-16v input. It is made by Texas Instruments, the datasheet is on their website.

            I'm planning on replacing my current L296 based power supply with a PT5071 and PT6625 based unit - pushes up the efficiency a lot and drops the heat produced.

            I can't help on the diode thing - I'll only be using one of them in my design.

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