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how do I make my inverter automatically on and off?

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  • how do I make my inverter automatically on and off?

    I would like to make my inverter turn on when I turn the ignition on and turn off after I turn off the ignition. How do I do that and what parts do I need? Thanks.

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    Search for relay and inverter.... then read
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!


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      Yep, used a relay, but mine works off the Headunit antenna/remote line.

      The relay is fitted into the fused inverter red wire that goes to the battery, and is triggered when you switch on the Headunit.
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        man, i was about to post something on this, but i found wha ti was looking for. that's the same wire i have my lcd polugged into and my radio, if i connect the power inverter to that wire, would that be fine?

        also, i got one of those car/airplane power supplies, so i can remove the car adapter and two wires are there. i rather not cut the wire and void the warranty in case comething ever happens to the power inverter, so can i rig some wire to go to the remote wire from the power inverter?
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