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  • Noise when power connected

    Hello Guys, I'm currently in the very early stages of deploying a car-pc into my car, At the moment i'm not wanting to tear my dash or anything apart. I plan to use a laptop which at the moment is connected to my stero via AUX cable.

    The sound quality is good enough when the laptop is running from the battery however depending on the revs of the car you can hear feedback from the car through the output of the laptop when the battery is charging, What would be the best and simplest way to remove this noise? of course i am aware ideally you want to connect directly to the battery but this is not am option as i'm not wanting to go hacking the car to bits. Suggestions?



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    Are you using an inverter for power? If you are using the brick that came with laptop, I would at least find a 12v universal laptop charging kit. SNO


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      Mine has recently developed some noise use to be alternator whine in old cars.pretty sure you use to fit a condensor to the radio earth i think.not sure what the go is now with newer cars and pc's and bigger more involved audio.

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        SNOtwistR i'm using this -
        CAMO.B - Funny you should say that about an alternator as mine has literally just gone on my motor, it is currently in the garage being replace, Would this have caused the noise in the system? Using the above charge in the car, would that have caused the alternator to go in anyway? What is a condensor to the radio earth?

        I'm currently trying all this out on a 52 plate 1.5 DCI Renault Clio (UK here)


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          It very well could have been your altenator, well the diodes anyway. See what happens when you get it back from the shop then go from there if problem still exists SNO


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            I wouldnd say that caused the alternater would need to be working a lot harder. say a 2000W inverter with a half dead car battery and mabee you could make it fail.the noise could still be the laptop 12v charger.the condensor was a a small cylinder (3 x 1.5 cm) that had a earthed mounting bracket.the cylinder part had a single wire that was connected to the back of car sterio and somtimes on the ingnition coil of the usually worked.