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M1 ATX as shutdown controller

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  • M1 ATX as shutdown controller

    Hi all

    I am changing my car pc from an Atom based Jetway system, to a Optiplex 755 USFF. These are good as they will run off 12v regulated power straight into them.

    I was planning on using my M1 ATX as a shutdown controller as I have it left over from my previous system.

    I have soldered wires to the power switch on the motherboard and have wired them into the switch on the M1 atx (J6).

    My problem is that it when you give the M1 atx switched power, it waits 3 seconds, then presses the power button. When you remove the 12v from the switched input ont he m1 atx, it does not press the power button again

    Any thoughts? I would really like to avoid buying a seperate shutdown controller.