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boost 12 to 14.5 v ??

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  • boost 12 to 14.5 v ??

    hello forum. my car has a 15.6" led backlight lcd. i am trying to build a dc psu to power it directly from my pc PSU. the lcd's psu, supplys it with +5v and +14.5v . i can easily just add the 5v from my pc PSU, but does anybody have an idea how would i go to boost the 12v to 14.5?? the lcd drows 2A...

    if i try to power my test lcd (broken) , from the 12v instead of 14.5 , it does turn on, but i'm not sure , as it would be safe for the monitor to drive it that way...
    any input?

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    dc-dc converter.


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      ofc.. but my question is how to build one. or what will happen with the lcd of its driven by 12


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        Why build one when buying is cheaper? Otherwise look up SMPS chips like MC34063, TL496 etc.

        Using 12V instead of 14.5V depends on the circuit.


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          mainly cause, where i leave, those things are hard to find and for educational reasons as well. those chips seem good! i will also try the LM2577S-adj, which has adjustable output, and see how it goes!


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            I just had to do this for my speaker/amp mod I just posted about. I used the DC-DC-USB converter as I had one lying around. But I do like the look of that LM2577 for such a small increase and you should be covered with amp draw. Good luck SNO


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              You can find a simple adjustable step-up converter on eBay for really cheap.
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