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Can anyone suggest an intellegent DC to DC converter with both 12v and 5V output?

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  • Can anyone suggest an intellegent DC to DC converter with both 12v and 5V output?

    I'm looking for an intellegent DC to DC converter with both 12v and 5V output, that I can fit in the dash just to power an 8" screen with pure 12v, and 5v for an active USB extension hub. I have used the DCDC-USB from the mp3car store, and it's almost perfect, except it's only got 1 voltage output, and looking over the others I cannot see one that offers 2 outputs.

    I had thought I might use one of the intellegent ATX style supplies, but they have lots of other outputs I wont use like 3.3v -12v, and other stuff, that I suspect might give some form of grief down the road if no load is placed on the unused outputs.

    I am sure there are several members who have conquered this problem, and am interested in what your solutions were too.


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    Use the dc-dc-usb for your 12v and inside put 1 or 2 of these gizmos inside it for your 5v 1.5a SNO


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      Thanks SNO, I forgot about you posting those regulator devices, so went ahead and ordered 5 of them to have a few around, since I am getting killed on shipping anyways. $30 shipped for 5 brings them down to 6 bucks ea, where one would cost me $14 shipped.

      I found is selling used the dc-dc usb for $45 on ebay, with more than 10 available, so I snapped up one of those. They must have had people return them for some reason, but the one I used in my other carpc works flawlessly so I'm happy to save a buck.

      I saved some serious coin on my new carpc's build, by purchasing used and equivalent items. Got the i7-3612QM chip for $133 ($250 savings) , and 8GB of Samsung Mac Low Profile ddr3-1600 for $69, from laptop upgrade pulls. I also saved $50 on the USB audio DAC by getting the Hifimediy Saber with the same ESS chip I had in the ODAC. Now I have speed and Windows 7 Pro for only $55 as a Dell OEM cd that installed and activated just fine. I have been getting real lucky finding the deals make this carpc a lot cheaper and better than the last one.


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        Nice savings, and some good speed too. Yeah I bought a dozen of the 5v and 6 of 3.3v they are soo handy and I see they have a 12v one too now i just have to find it online for sale. Just not sure on the output amperage. Glad it helped SNO