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No display every other boot just about

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  • No display every other boot just about

    Heres my setup:
    Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI
    2 Samsung 64GB SSD
    G.Skill Memory 16GB 1600
    i3-2120 65 watt CPU
    7 inch Samsung HD touchscreen
    DSATX 220 power supply.

    Heres my problem. Just about every other time I boot this up with this power supply the bios have to re-load itself or I get no display or it doesnt detect the OS and I have to reload it (this might be because I keep forgetting to set it to RAID 0)
    Is my Power Supply sufficient? Has anyone had this issue with this board or any other board?

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    Just a thought has the bios clearing jumper has been moved to normal? the dsatx should have more than enough power for your setup. Have you tried with a house power supply with different results? SNO


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      Thanks for the insight SNO. the cmos jumper on the board is one that is constantly open until you short it. I think i have narrowed it down to derrick.ny's display being faulty. This has been happening since day one so I think I got a faulty display. I was playing with it today and making sure all the wires from the display board to the display were connected and a small puff of smoke came out from a resistor on the board and now its dead. I have hooked it up to another display with a AC ATX power supply and it is fine every time i restart it. I have reluctantly ordered another display from derrick.ny on ebay so we will see how it goes from there.
      thanks again for the insight.