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connecting OPUS 260W DCX6 power cord

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  • connecting OPUS 260W DCX6 power cord

    I have to do short-term installation in a car of a car PC equipped with OPUS DCX6 power supply. Because it is a short-term installation on rental car I was thinking of maybe using power from the cigarette lighter outlets in the car. Some cars has outlet that delivers 12V all the time - even when the car is turned off. I thought to connect to power cord to this outlet instead to the car battery. Most cars has an additional outlet that is on only when the ignition switch it ON. I though to connect that outlet to the Ignition Switch signal wire of the OPUS power supply. Does anyone finds a flaw in this kind of installation. Does the common cigarette lighter outlet should withstand such a usage ?


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    Maybe if you rewired your lighter plug with 12 gauge wire to the opus (just for the heat in the wire from constant draw), have another lighter plug with 14 gauge for the ignition on lighter socket and hope the vehicle has that option. Most lighter circuits are 10-15 amp fuses but the wire feeding them is usually around 16 gauge nowadays. I've used a laptop and a 300watt inverter before in rentals and never a problem so I would think you will be fine. Good luck SNO