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24-Volt Opus DCX3.120P - convert to 12v?

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  • 24-Volt Opus DCX3.120P - convert to 12v?

    Here's hoping that someone out there knows these 120w PSU's inside out!

    I have several Opus "Vehicle PC" units (see my post in Classifieds forum: Opus Solutions "Vehicle PC" Mini-ITX system including Power Supply, case (NY USA) )

    These units have the Opus DCX3.120P PSU, but these were made for diesel buses with 24v systems.

    Click image for larger version

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    Apparently, back when Opus made the .120P, you ordered either 12v or 24v. DCX3-120P_Quick_Guide.pdf

    The newer versions of this board (.120RevE) have a jumper to select 12v or 24v input (very convenient!) DCX3-120-revE Quick Guide.pdf

    Does anyone have a clue how these could be converted from 24v input to 12v input?

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