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Will stock alternator provide adequate ampage? (CPU + Sub)

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  • Will stock alternator provide adequate ampage? (CPU + Sub)

    Hey all,
    I now, am in the process of upgrading my system to include a 450 x 1 profile amp, which will be pushing a 500 watt audiobahn 12 sub. Here is my question. If I run the amp at 400 or even 450 watts, and my carputer which is off of a 225 watt inverter where looking at 675 watts, plus maybe another 300 watts of inefficiency from the inverter, bringing the total system requirments to around 900-1000 watts (I think this number may be a little high, but for all purposes, I'd rather overshoot than underguess voltages). This gives us around 83 amps for my final setup. Will my alternator on my 94' Cadillac eldorado be able to handle this? The car stereo guy said it shouldn't be a problem beacuse its a V8 with a big *** engine, and the alternators on these cars usually can handle a lot. I haven't been able to find out exactly how much amps mine can take, but I've found "high output" alternators which can put out as much as 200 amps, so I figure mine should be allright. In retrospect, I suppose it would be the same as someone with a 1000 watt amp powering a couple subs and component speakers, and I know there are a lot of people who have no problem doing this on 4 cylinder hondas. I really don't want to buy a new alternator or have to modify my electric system at all. Do you think I'll be allright? Also, the profile amp requires 4 gauge wire, and right now the car stereo guy installed the inverter off of 8 gauge, so I'm going to have to run 2 seperate power lines, instead of the much easier option of using a power distribution block. Will this be allright?
    Much obliged fellas--