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  • Fellowes Auto Adapter

    Will this universal auto adapter work for a epia 800?

    I know its only 45 watts but here is what I got

    Laptop harddrive
    Laptop DVD
    256mb ram
    usb touchscreen
    rand mcnally gps

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    It may not be enough. 45W @ 12V = 3.75a (W/V=A) Using the Casetronics PS as an example, it needs ~5a @ 12V, which is 60W. You'll need to add up the draw of each of your components (everything should have a label with this info on it, with the exception of the motherboard.) The USB touchscreen may also have an option for external power, which would reduce the load on this PS. If not, you can also look at using a self powered (rather than bus powered) USB hub.


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      THIS page has a 70 Watt and a 120 Watt. You can get them cheaper at CompUSA during one of their sales...
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        OH MY!!!

        A SEARCH on eBay listed some great prices...some as low as $15!!!
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          Looking at those Targus PSU/bricks, one of those would be perfect to power a iWill ZPC. Might post this combo in general hardware. Everyone is fixated with Epia based systems and the PW boards ATM (understandabley) and seem to be missing alternatives. this would of course need a VGA screen, so we would need Armen to get that VGA motorised Touch screen into the market place.
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