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Regulated DC power adapter...3.75A instead of 4.5?

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  • Regulated DC power adapter...3.75A instead of 4.5?

    Hey all,
    going to vegas this coming wed. and will be getting my new EPIA M9000 on monday. Allready have the casetronic 2699R and its stock 60W Dc-Dc. So I am going to order an opus 90W before I leave, but I know it won't be here for another 2 weeks. For the trip however, I'd like to be able to use the 55W dc-dc that came with the case, as right now its all I have. I then found this at radioshack, which I know some people have been talking about things like it...(Targus, ect.)

    I downloaded the manual and started looking at the specs when something caught my eye. The input voltage was to be expected at 11-16V DC. Maxium power (input) is 8 amps. Output voltages are programable from 12 to 27V DC (regulated), good. But then as for the output power it says 3.75A maximum (60 watts max). Thats all fine N' dandy being 60 watts regulated at 12 volts but on the Dc-Dc supply, it reads 4.5 A above the input(where you plug in the ac adapter). This would essentially take the place of the ac adapter, instead being regulated 12v off the cigerette adapter, I just don't understand if the both need to be 4.5A or what? Would this still work? I'm a little confused by this.

    Again, I'm going to go opus, but seeing as how it won't be here before my trip, I figured if this worked I could just go to radio shack, buy it, use it and then return it...

    Forgive me if this seems like a lamer question, I just don;t want any more probs. Allredy gone through two athalons and I don't EVEN want to mess with my EPIA at all!