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car and house use?

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  • car and house use?

    Has anybody found an easy way to power their carputer in the car and in the house easily?

    I have ordered the opus but was curious to know if there was an alternative to moving the box between sites with ease-

    I do not want to use an invertor- I have used the search option but found nothing recent or of any value to me-

    If this topic has been recently discussed I apologize for wasting your time- Just wanted to hear some options from the group-


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    I use a power supply built from a battery charger to power the dc2dc with in the house. Pics on my site.

    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      I use the +12V output (yellow and black wires) from a cheap ATX power supply. Just remember to connect pin 13 (green) and 14 (black) on the 20 pin power connector together to turn on the supply. I can get about 14A max from the 300W PSU that I am using.

      Depending on the actual power supply that you have, you may need to load the +5V output (red and black wires) with a 5 ohm, 5W resistor to get decent regulation on the +12V output. On my PSU, I did not need to do this though.