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Ok dc-dc how-to's and what to buy pw-70?

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  • Ok dc-dc how-to's and what to buy pw-70?

    Well after buying a 800w power inverter and getting my old PII up and running I just decided to buy a Via ITX mobo. If I win the bid it's on its way if not ill find another. I also want to scrap the inverter Idea due to obvious issues that pop up everywhere.. I have been looking at the PW-70A and it looks to be the best for what I can find. I haven't been able to find anything easy to understand on the sproggy's and they all seem to come incomplete? whatever that means, and Im all about not having to solder more stuff if needed. BUT. I guess my question is if I get a PW-70A will I be safe hooking this up to my new mobo and hardwiring into my car batt? At least with the inverter way I could fry my PSU before my free cheapo PII mobo. If not go this way anyone have any helpfull suggestions ? Also I <am> a broke college student who has spent way too much moneyon this aleready; and 150$ for an opus is not in the budget.

    Thanks in advance.


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    sell your blazer... then buy an opus....hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee


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      Ahh.. Ill sell my blazer if you'll give me a brand new m3 .. HEHEH. Aside from that.. no seriously? any other thoughts


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        OK Bump.. and add to my question.

        I guess what I want to know is can I hook the PW-** atx psu directly to my car batt? WILL I fry anything? Is this common? What can I put in front of the PW-** to help myself other than an opus? Caps? Resistors? combo's of ea? obiously a fuse and a relay.?? Plz.. need help this is my first carputer project



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          it might work, you might fry it

          you can try a regulator in front, but it might not work when the car is off
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            why wouldnt it work with the car off?
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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              cuz the cheap easy regulators need about 13v to properly function.

              too sleepy to look up part numbers, lm*** something makes a chip that can raise or lower voltage.

              The pw series can pass +/- 3v through the 12v rail.
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