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fan directly pointed on an opus?

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  • fan directly pointed on an opus?


    I have made my new case out of acrylic, basically a 7.25x7.25"x3.5" box where there are 2 80mm fans on the lid with the opus right next to it. So right now theres no fan pointed directly at the opus psu. Do I need to have a fan point right at it?

    The opus site says the psu will run at -25c to 75 c. 75c alone is about 167 F and I cant imagine a day getting even that HOT. BUT I plan to mount the case under the passanger seat.

    So fan pointed directly at opus or not? Keep in mind I have 2 2100 rpm fans pointed downward into the mobo and HD.

    Mine needs to be updated.

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    I am runing Fanless, except for the stock proccessor fan on the M9000
    I am running everything under the back seat with the seat being used as the top of the case.
    I have not noticed any problems this summer.
    2004 F350 Ext. Cab
    System not reinstalled in it yet


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      here are some pics. As you can see the fans shoot down and will probably bounce some air to the opus. Id just hate to toast a $190 piece of equipment

      Mine needs to be updated.