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  • power

    anyone with experience out there. in setting up a computer system for mp3s and movies in the car, would a computer with 200W power be sufficient? or should i go higher?thanks guys

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    It would most likley be enough, but it really all depends on what components you are going to have. I.E, what CPU, mobo, hard drives, disk drives, etc.. What kind of hardware are you planing on having?


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      that is enough IMHO. But unrealer33 is right it depends on how much meat you put on the fire..... Always keep in mind that if the total output is for example 60 watts in order to be sure you go without problems always put 20% more, so in this example your PSU has to output 75 watts. On the other side if you put an overpowered PSU for the job its just MORE heat generated.....
      my two cents....

      ps.i suggest making a list to sum up bit by bit what each component takes up, in order to have an average idea.....


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        "On the other side if you put an overpowered PSU for the job its just MORE heat generated....."

        I dont think thats true in most cases. Ill say the reason for not having a too powerful PSU for your needs is that...they cost more, take more spaces, more weight, more noise due to bigger fans...just for the 10% of power you needs. The only advantage is theres less stress on your powerfull PSU.

        I guess 200W is enough for most applications since you not exactly gonna have multiple HDD or CDROM, dual CPU, etc. You can go alittle bit higher as most likely you gonna add more stuff on it