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Homemade powersupply?

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  • Homemade powersupply?

    Is it possible to take a normal 120v to 12volt powersupply and convert it to a 12v to 12v powersupply. I would imagine somewhere the 120 ac is converted to 12v dc and then split amoung the rails. If this is so is it possible to just tap your 12v supply at this point? Maybe someone with engineering background could answer this.....

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    it has been done, Cant remember who did it tho, but it's here somewhere
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      PressLab did it, search for forward converter.
      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        It requires rewinding the transformer totally... it can be done, but few have gotten it to work... basically all you use from the original PS is the rectifier diodes, filter capacitors, and chokes... the rest is disused.. you could really do the whole thing from scratch, and not use the original powersupply PCB... I personally don't think its worth the time, I had no sucess.. I think I fried a few mosfets too.. lol

        its not for the inexperienced, thats all I have to say..