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stupid idea? probably...=[

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  • stupid idea? probably...=[

    Sorry if this is a little newbie.

    Im trying to build a power supply for my carputer at the moment, and i have found what I hope will be a half decent solution for a power regulator using a flyback design.

    I was thinking to step up first to around 15 V,
    then down to 12V,
    and -12V
    off the +12V i was going to go +5V and to +3.3V.

    I am hoping 3 * LM2586 will give me enough current.

    From what i have scibbled on paper it seems like it will be a fairly simple circuit. however im still not sure if I should step up before stepping down. Will this give me a more stable supply?

    I really don't have the best knowledge of electronics, but surely looking around there seems to be more options for DIY power supplys. Why is it that the Sproggy maxim chip design is the only one that people seem to consider? I personally am interested to see more alternatives like Freemans forward convertor. If any body can shed some light on this i would be quite grateful

    sorry for the long post

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    It's not a stupid idea unless your name is SKinnyboy.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist...


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      thanks, I appreciate being likend to a 12 year old.

      Im quite serious.

      It seems as though there are so many different ways of voltage regulation that surely there must be other options.

      Ideally I would like to use recycled parts, but if I really have to spend a few bucks then so be it. I havn't spent a sent on my mp3 player yet, I id like to keep it that way. Thats why I want to look at other alternatives. At the moment I pulling stuff apart to see what sort of designs I can use. Everything I have seen though is linear. My laptops are flyback but the regs that they use are only rated to 2 amp. =[. Im still looking around, Thats the reason for my post. I would like to find other alternatives. I do like freemans atx powersupply. That is what im looking at right now. I'll probably go for somthing like that eventually. If I can't figure out anything else.



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        Originally posted by SOBIL
        I personally am interested to see more alternatives like Freemans forward convertor. If any body can shed some light on this i would be quite grateful
        Don't you mean PressLab's forward converter?

        For a while I ran an L296 based system, and now I am running a TI ISR (Integrated switching regulator) system. Neither gave me any trouble, and both are very compact (the L296 was smaller). I switched to the ISRs for efficiency reasons - my system now draws around 30W total.

        There you go, two power supply systems that aren't Maxim based. Schematics and pictures of both are on my site.

        Old Systems retired due to new car
        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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          Thanking you, this helps me out alot, i never really thought i could use a linear reg, with everybody saying bad things, i think i will give this a go, as i have the regs required allready.

          I really like the look of those Ti chips but the price is going to be way out of my price range after i get them over here and all. =[ They seem like the be able to cope *lolz*


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            ok now i know this isnt helping but what the hell dose linear mean.