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XBOX/power inverter probs

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  • XBOX/power inverter probs

    Ok, here's the deal now. I hardwired the inverter. I used the exisiting 14AWG that was on the cigarette lighter, and put those 14 guage blue terminals on the end and crimped it. They are on my battery terminals now.

    I get interference when I turn on the XBOX. I get those horizontal lines on the screen, and some background noise? What's wrong and how should I fix it? Ground loop isolator?

    Also, will putting my XBOX in my car with this inverter cause my XBOX to not work.. basically fry it?


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    try grounding the xbox to the frame of the vehicle.. I put my PC tower in my van and at first when I used it, there was alot of noise in the audio output but when I grounded the case to the frame 95% of the noise went away.



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      I have a similar problem. I have connected my inverter to the local power source of the PC I have a lot disturbance in the audio, and touching the local power source I take the jolt!!!
      Can I ground the 220v to che body of the car, without damages??
      Thank you.


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        yes you can ground it withou opening it to open it. Underneath theres a sticker that says "microsoft corporation" peel it off and use a nail to unscrew the screw and ground it from there.
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          I had the same problem, so the way I fixed it was this......

          I keep my xbox undernieth the backseat of my extended cab pickup truck.
          I had to run RCA cables to the back seat in order to hook up my xbox to my
          screen and radio on my dash. To ground the xbox, I simply soldered a ground
          wire to the ground of one of the RCA connectors, then attached the other end of the wire to my truck by screwing it to the frame of my truck.