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Opus power supply issue

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  • Opus power supply issue

    I have a strange issue I wanted to see if anyone has seen this before. If I turn on the PC with a switch (Opus is not connected to the power switch jumbers) the pc will turn on, what I want it to do.

    I have XP set to when the power button is pushed it logs out of xp and shuts down the PC. The issue is after this is done I can no longer use the power switch to power up the PC.

    The only way to power to PC back up is to unplug the Opus from the power source and reconnect. Just for info I have the power supply powered from leads from my car stereo power source with the Yellow and Red wires hooked up togeter to the power source and the ground to the groubd.

    Any Ideas?


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    That would leave the opus triggered on.... uhm lets see - I would hook the yellow (Ignition) wire from opus to the remote amp / rem power from your head unit...

    Then check your bios for "AC power loss" or "resume after ac power fial" turn that on... I tihnk this would solve the problem.
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      AHAHHAHAH This is a funny, and very common problem on people who install there own radios.

      No intent to flame or anything but dude if you would have followed the instructions on how to connect the Opus you wouldnt have this problem. Your problem is the yellow and red wire connected to the same source.

      Added: Put that switch in the remote line. Turn the switch on, it will sense 12v and turn on. Turn the switch off, no 12v and it will shutdown.

      Shame on you.
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