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Inverter/Regulator question

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  • Inverter/Regulator question

    Right now I'm looking at this one. It's extremely cheap and looks like what I need.
    It has low/high voltage protection 9.7/15.5 volts. If I recall correctly, someone said that when cranking the car... it drops to 8 volts. If I get a regulator, will that keep it running at ~12v the whole time? Everyone keeps saying "get a regulator!!!!" but I'm not sure why. Some people don't have them, and some people say their computers don't reboot when cranking either. And where would I get a regulator? I don't wanna build anything, I just need something to plug in and use.

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    it really depends on the behavior of the inverter at the various voltage ranges it will see. when your car is cranking the voltage can varry between just a couple volts and over 200 volts, depending on the car and conditions.

    a regulator may be able to help, but i dont think you could get one to supply a loaded up 400W inverter on the cheap. im in the same situation you are and i decided to go with a second battery and an isolator. that should do the same job as a regulator, for the most part.