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  • Efficient and Powerful?

    The Opus 150w is efficient but not that powerful (for my needs), the Keypower is powerful but not that efficient.

    Any really nice 12vDC-DC 200-300w ATX12v power supplies out there? Price isn't an issue - battery life is much more important in this case.

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    What do you plan on powering?

    The Opus 150W can handle a descent load, more than the 150 number may lead you to believe.

    I have a P4 2.4, 512 DDR, ATI Radeon, Audigy 2, 7200 RPM HD, CD Rom, USB GPS Rcvr, USB Wireless 802.11b, USB 4 port hub (powered from usb cable), USB RF keyboard, USB RF mouse, USB Cellphone Data Cable and Charger, USB to Serial Adapter for touchscreen, Serial IR Remote Rcvr, and a Xenarc 700TSV LCD draining power from the Opus 150W PSU.

    Search around for power calculator to find out how many amps on each rail your pc will need and compare it to the PSU spec sheet. All devices will probably never peak simultaneosly, so it may be okay to slightly exceed the PSU Specs.

    There are some more powerful dc-dc atx solutions, but I never found any specifically designed for the car. They pop up occasionaly on ebay, and seem fairly identical to the Keypower unit. Keep searching google and you will find a few commercial units.

    Keep in mind, those units may not be specifically designed for cars and are missing the startup trigger, shutdown controller, battery protection, and acpi support the Opus offers.
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      power calc:
      that one?


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        Thank you. I was checking out the rails of the 150w unit before and they didn't look like enough. Opus must be conservative in their ratings

        I think I'll go with that unit. Thank you again.