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xbox + inverter + remote start + relay switch

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  • xbox + inverter + remote start + relay switch

    Ok, I've got a challange for you all...

    I have a 'remote start' mechanism built into my truck and I'd like to make it so
    that my xbox boots up as soon as the truck starts. It would be nice to be able
    to have my xbox booted up and my truck already running by the time I get to
    the door.

    I have a power inverter for my xbox with a built-in switch. I know that by holding
    down the power button on the xbox, the xbox will power up as soon as
    the system gets electricity.

    The challange would be to get a relay switch to turn on the power inverter when
    my truck turns on, which in turn turns on my xbox with the powerswitch already
    in the "on" position. I cannot use the ignition to trigger the relay switch because
    my key is not in the "on" position...Remember that I use remote start to get my truck running.

    Any thoughts on how I can get that relay switch triggered by my remote

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    Are there any power inverters with built in relay switches?


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      Have you taken a voltmeter and verified that your ACC line or IGN power bus is NOT coming one with your remote starter? I would bet one of them is, how else is the ECU going to get power?

      Originally posted by ozstriker78
      Ok, I've got a challange for you all...
      I cannot use the ignition to trigger the relay switch because
      my key is not in the "on" position...Remember that I use remote start to get my truck running.

      Any thoughts on how I can get that relay switch triggered by my remote


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        Okay this is how car remote starter works when you press the button on your remote.
        - Turn on the ING wire just like the key is in the ON position.
        - Turn on the starter wire/crank the engin until car is started or for a couple seconds which ever less. If car can't start at first try, it will shut down and try again up to 3 times or whatever you select (if selectable).
        - If car start, it will turn on the ACC wire. Some lazy installers won't connect this wire for you. But the option is available on the remote starter.
        - If the key is not insert during its duration (selectable running time), the module will shutdown.

        As for turn on the inverter, you must have a relay. Use the IGN wire of your car to power the relay. You can either wire a relay to "connect" the inverter's switch to simulate the "push on". Or you can wire the relay so that either the power (+) wire or the ground (-) wire to the inverter be connected but you must have the inverter's ON/OFF switch in the ON possition.

        There is a problem with it as well. If the car fail to start, the inverter will runs in to this sequence ON - OFF - ON - OFF - ON or until the engine successfully run.

        How do I know? Because I installed a remote starter on my own car and boost up my computer that way. Those installer didn't install it for me because my car is a manual/stick shift so I have to DIY. The remote module I had make by Viper/DEI and it an "Add on" module not one that combine with the alarm.
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          i am thinking of a way t do this my idea is to put a lead to the alternater so when that puts out power it wil turn on a relay then witch will make my head unit disply eject that makeing the pc come out of hyber witch when fully loaded the amp turns on any one else had this idea or can see any probs pls let me know


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            i assume you have modded box in your car right now and that means you are knowledgeble to some extent about the innerworkings of the box and have access to some xbox related resources (xecuter team, xbox scene, etc)

            i wanted to build xbox based carputer but then it would not be touchscreen operated so i never went with it. however when i researched the posibility M2 PSU looked sufficient for box power. even though the power connector inside is the standart ATX, if i remember righ some connections are switched just to screw with modders.
            jamming your button in the "on" position doesn't sound good solutiuon to me. when i installed IR remote start module for a friend with Xecuter v3.0 based modded box, the intalation involved removing the ATX connector and jamming 2 wires in it before reconnecting.

            kinda lost track of thought...

            i guess what i'm trying to say is that the "turn on" interface is there and you might as well use the auto start feature of some DC-DC PSU's to send that signal to the box. kinda solves all your problems...


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              that said if one really want's to do so i'm sure the touch screen can be accomplished on xbox too. modded box can run linux and since all the ports are just weird looking USB touchscreen interface may be attached to them. (there are linux drivers for these screen, right?)


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                what the ?..
                DASimpson! dude! look at the original post day! 2003!!!!!!


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                  sorry was the realy bit to turn power on dident notice xbox part been looking at so many pages on here lol


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                    what type of power inverter are you using for your xbox? i am trying to put my xbox in my car and i am using a 400 watt power inverter that plugs into the cig lighter and its not enough for some reason? thanks


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                      Do you guys even read the friggin posts before you shoot off your own remark?
                      Clearly not, or else you would see "this is from 2003".
                      There were only 9 posts above, most of which were short... come on. Hijack much?
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