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    Okay. Here's the kink I'm trying to work out. I did a search about 'thumping/banging speakers' which pretty much is the computer volume instantaneously turning on and and off upon carputer powerup and this causes a really loud and I'm sure a bad sound for the speakers. I'm trying to solve this problem. Basically my two amps turn on through a remote 12v ignition wire. To stop the thumping when the puter turns on, I can put a capacitor inline to cause a simple <1sec time delay. and this will provide it enough time so that you don't hear that thump upon startup. The solution I thought up for shutdown is to utilize my mobo power switch but splice in the remote wire so that when I push the button, my puter will hibernate (I don't have a shutdown controller) and also it will send a 12v source to shut the amps down. The theory behind this is that since it takes ~10sec to hibertate the puter, the amps will already be off and thus no thumping upon shutoff. The problem I'm having is implementing both into a circuit, because once you put a switch in, you have to use it upon starting up the car; in other words, I need to hold the switch down to provide a 12v source when the ignition is on, to cause the delay. I want to make it so that things are more automatic. Any suggestions? I hope I explained it rather efficiently. Please ask me to clarify certain parts if needed.

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