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Can't fix my powering problem

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  • Can't fix my powering problem

    I have a problem with my carpc, it runs fine in the house but when it is connected to the car sometimes the computer turns itself off.

    The computer is a Cel 433, 145w power supply running off a 300w inverter.

    The inverter doesnt turn off or beep the computer just shuts off leaving the inverter running. Sometimes the computer is fine usually in the morning or at night, so I thought it might be heat so I put an extra fan on the processor.

    Could it be to do with my battery/alternator as I also have 2 amps running.


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    its probably a split second or so of not enough power coming out of the inverter due to everything running. Its like when we have a very quick brownout, some desktops stay on while others reboot.
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