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shut down controller behaviour?

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  • shut down controller behaviour?

    just got my mpegbox shutdown controller and it doesn't seem to be working right

    soon as i give the unit 12v ( which in a car would be constant ) even if the ignition wire is low it gives power to computer ( should'nt do untill ignition goes high ) on shutting down it works fine - but then if i make ignition high again it doesn't turn back on...

    i realise it needs a complete cycle to start working - but it won't turn back on after 1 cycle ( need to disconnect power and start again )

    is this normal - or am I doing something wrong... - The UK CarPC Forum

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    ok just tried again - this time relay came on with power, turnt of ignition wire - shutdown waited alloted time and killed relay - fine. turned ignition power back on - but this time the unit came back on after about 10 seconds, but cannot replicate this again... any ideas whats going on? - The UK CarPC Forum


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      its ok working now - must have been a dodgy variable resistor - The UK CarPC Forum