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DIY 300w ATX 12DC power supply. for real.

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  • DIY 300w ATX 12DC power supply. for real.

    I will start by stating that im not skinnyboy.

    After spend thousangs of hours searching this fell into my hands one day.

    it all looks real, the hardest part i think would be the winding of the toroid. indeed im gunna give it ago, eventually. but i figure there are more motivated people out there than me so i figured id share. Reply people with your sucess/failure/opinions and rants.

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    Good stuff sobil.

    the hardest part i think would be the winding of the toroid

    Maybe not...atleast it doesnt ask you to wind 1,000 turns Ive tried winding 250 turns for a project once and kept loosing count

    Try this you might find something in here :

    I though the hardest is getting all the parts required. I havent read it all yet but it look like the PSU is specific.

    Good luck and let us know it goes


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      He meant searching the web


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        first line is from searching the forum, not the web.

        Ok I'm truly sorry, I edited this instead of adding another reply, and deleted the answer above.
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          You better post more cuz im gonna outpost you soon...


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            I think applying it to any PSU shouldn't be too hard. Any PSU based on the chip mentiond mentioned should be modable. id be getting a data sheet on whatever I mod though to be fully sure. the theory seems fairly strait forward, just putting new switching regs in and a new toroid..... from my understanding. I've read the article about 5 times now. I read and still aint totaly sure on it all,


            After actually reading skinnyboy's posts and links, I started thinking about the possibility of modding a standard PSU, coz after pulling one apart once i figured out that the AC was rectified before being switched again before going into a tranformer with 1 center and 4 other taps. Logic just sed it must be possible. so i started searching and couldn't find anything after a couple of days on the todo list. I had just given up on anybody else having tried it so i decided to look for an ATX PSU schematic and guess what I found.... I couldn't believe it. So i printed it out, and read it on the dunny, then in the car on the way home, then in bed, then got me dads opinion ("make sure you don't blow yourself up,..... or the house"), I lost it.... this was 2 months ago. thewn I found it amounst my bills, which I havn't paid for 2 months.... sorry for the lobg post


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              If you can get this going then i'd be very interested in doing the same thing. Sounds like this can be done easily for under $10
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                This is something similar, but the page is gone

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                  Zip file download of the tutorial is still live though:

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