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What's the best solution for powering a laptop, GPS, etc. in a Jeep??

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  • What's the best solution for powering a laptop, GPS, etc. in a Jeep??

    I'm new to the whole car electronics thing, so bear with me...

    This summer, I'm planning on buying a Jeep Wrangler and equipping it to handle a storm-chasing venture now and then. Here are my questions:

    1. Should I get a deep cycle battery, like an Optima?
    2. From reading this forum, it sounds like I need to get an inverter to power these things. What kind of wattage on the inverter should I be looking to get? Are any brands better than others?
    3. Do I need to invest in a better alternator?
    4. Since Jeeps generally are more open to the surrounding environment (with no top on) and are prone to being broken into, what is the best set up? Should I try and hide stuff under the dash or under seats?

    Answers to any or all of these questions would be much appreciated!

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    1) Optima is great battery, should do fine
    2) 300-400 watt inverter is usually sufficient
    3) no
    4) There is no completely secure method,, just bolt it in real tight, and get a good alarm

    oh, and good luck
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