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Celeron 1.2Ghz and Biostar, power needs!!

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  • Celeron 1.2Ghz and Biostar, power needs!!

    im looking at using a Celeron 1.2ghz processor and a Biostar VIA PLE133 Micro atx motherboard for my project. the power supply i am looking at getting is this

    will this have enough power to run my sytem? i will be using a laptop hard drive and a linksys 802.11b usb ethernet adaptor. no cdrom drive or anything. and 256megs of ram. so there wont be too much for it to power but im worried that 70watts isnt enough. according to intel the celeron 1.2ghz processor consumes 32.1watts peak. thanks in advance!!

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    does anyone know if this will work?!?!!? its not really for my car, its for a robot im building!! it will be running off of batteries.