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  • Transferable carputer?

    OK, I've been looking through the forums for a few hours now and haven't found a direct answer to my situation, so I'm just asking it....

    My setup is going to be small form atx mobo w/ celeron 800 (onboard vga, sound, etc) with 1 HDD, 1 DVD-rom, and a 15" touchpanel LCD (overkill? I know. ). Correct me if I'm wrong, but i'm looking at drawing about 120-130W max power w/ LCD. The problem is my intensions of this setup. I want it to design it to that I can easily take the entired setup (which will be in one box. think laptop, only cheaper & with touchscreen) out of my car and put it in a friend's or gf's car for roadtrips and such. So that leaves out the option for pulling power straight from the battery and *hopefully* those big@$$ 300w inverters. My concern is the stability of the cigarette lighter connection since we're talking about using multiple cars for power. I don't want to hop in my friends car and have the fuses blow. That's happened before and he's wasn't happy.

    Any suggestions?

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    If you are trying to go on the cheap, with the functionality of a laptop, features of a laptop, with power consumtion like a laptop; then you best bet is going to be..... A laptop.
    $200 for an ITX mobo,
    $100 for power solution
    $200 for drives(dvd+HD)
    $400 for a LCD
    $150 in assorted crap that your going to need (adapters etc)

    So far we are sitting at over a grand, and for that price you can get a laptop.
    Get the amount of cash to spend on the project, and then plan from there.

    If you like me and are using equiptment lying around then i recommend a ATX dc-dc(opus or similar) power supply as a worthwile investment (if you don't blow it up). If your a bit of a DIY dude then I should point out the flyback modification to a conventional ATX power supply. Do a search for flyback and you'll find a bit of info.


    hope this helps some


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      if you use the inverter you'll need to connect it to the battery directly, thats the problem I ran into so beware


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        you can get inverters that connect through the cigarette lighter.. my current configuration is just that. I have a 300W power inverter hardwired into the cigarette lighter.... works fine... I haven't blown any fuses at all... but I agree w/ SOBIL, if your going to build a carpc then build a carpc, if you want something portable that won't blow fuses get a laptop.

        My config is setup to be mobile, sort of, I can get my system in and out of my car easily, but I can't mount it into just anybodies car due to limitations around power and the way I mount my system.

        Get a laptop for portability, build a car pc if its just your car... another suggestion... take your car on road trips!!
        New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!


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          I found this website while searching the forum. Car computer complete setup with screen for under $600.00. You should get a datalux touchscreen off ebay for about $175.00. I also seen you can get most of this stuff from ebay but I like the convenience of being able to order everything from one place. I bought an fm modulator from this guy and it came pretty quick and I am satisfied. I am going after the this computer next. I want to upgrade my system. Anyway here is the link. Web LinkI just thought I would share this find. I have seen in posted other places in the forum but no one seemed to no how the service was so I gave it a shot and it was pretty good.


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            Do a search for Espresso and Cuppuchino PCs. You will be pleased.
            - Lwin M. Maung
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              Thanks for the input. I like nighthunter's link. But unfortunately the listed specs are the items that I have in my possession. And I've only spent around US $250 max (including monitor)! So I'm pretty proud of that. You're right, if i can't do it, i'll just run it to the battery, but i know most ppl don't like taking my car on road trips (i'll post pics when i install over xmas vacation. you'll see why ). hmmm....decisions, decisions, decisions. Again, thanks for the feedback.


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                isn't this a tablet pc basically?
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