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ITPS & PW120 question

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  • ITPS & PW120 question

    Ok well I understand there may be an answer for this already.... I could but its 2AM and I am lazy. I have a quick question... Do I need to put a fuse between my battery and ITPS & PW120? or just hook it directly up to the battery w/ out a fuse. And if I do have to put a fuse on there what size would you suggest.

    Flame me if you want for not searching but I'm looking for the quick answer... and I do thank you in advance.
    New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!

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    Well, I watched a car burn to the ground outside the Gresham Theater once, because when the thiefs stole the stereo stuff, they dropped the hot wire and ran. Ever since then, I have been a firm believer in fuses and circuit breakers. Why not at least go for a 15-20A circuit breaker or so just to be safe. Way overkill, but should protect the important stuff...IE your car

    I think we agreed that a 5 amp or so would be plenty, but it is one of those things where upon startup, spikes may be higher than the 5A. I am going to use a 15A.
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      If you are draining 5A max, 7.5A blade type fuse should be fine. You can always stick in a 10A if it blows

      Go for the lowest one without the fuse blowing.


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        Thanks for the quick responses guys, I appreciate it and I agree w/ ya, I'll throw a fuse in the line.
        New CarPC on the way again I think. I miss my old one!!!