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  • Looking for PSU suggestions...

    Hi guys,

    back after an extended break.... I'm the crazy guy who is putting the carputer in my jeep, between the rollbar the top of the windshield in a custom made aluminum case, with fold-down Datalux monitor. It's going to be pretty cool and durable, though a different asthetic than some of yours. Anyway, I need a little help with my power supply selection and I'm hoping you all can help. I've noticed that in my 6 month absence some new PSUs have come out.

    Here's what I'm running:

    1 20 gig HD (5800RPM)
    1 DVD drive (TBD)
    128MB RAM
    USB keyboard/mouse
    1 DATALUX monitor w touchscreen
    EPIA M-series (ME6000) mainboard
    C. Crane Digitial wireless FM Transmitter

    What is my best bet for PSU? Opus seems a bit expensive, Sproggy a pain to order/build, ITPS no external 12v regulated wires? I think I can run the Datalux straight from the 12 V DC. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm test building the sucker indoors right now on a wall powered ATX supply, will order DC-DC converter last.

    I know there is no silver bullet, but it would be nice if someone who is up to date on all the PSU options could do a little compair-contrast review of the big players on the market every few months.

    Thanks for any help you can give me, I'll upload a picture or two as well...

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    Here's a picture

    Of what I have so far at least...
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      ITPS is nice if you already have a DC-DC PSU, and can supply enough 12v regulated power to power it, Sproggy, in your opinion is too difficult to build. You seem to have narrowed it down yourself to the Opus.

      I personally feel that an Opus will be best. You have everything you will need. 7-18V input, regulated to 12V (which to get 150W of regulated 12V is pretty expensive in itself), shutdown/startup controller, 150W power output.

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        Oh I see... I didn't realize the ITPS needed 12V in, necessitating that auto power sequencer)

        Is Opus really the right solution? I admit it seems good, but there seems to be 100's of posts here about Opus not working right/frying MoBo's etc. Do they have their production problems worked out? Do I need the 150 W one, or will the 90 W one be sufficent? Will it work properly with my motherboard? Do I need to order the remote/trigger option the offer? (I'm not really sure what it is)

        Why doesn't Opus put more on the 90W version on their website???


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          I believe that the 90W is basically the same, just has slightly lower output.

          The remote/trigger option will give you a switched 12v for use for say turning on amps or auxillary equipment. If you're not going to be using the PC to turn on anything like amps, then it won't be needed.

          As for the problems with frying boards, looking back, it seemed to be a few of the earlier models, and there is a fix for them if they are sent back. Any new units should therefore (I would guess) be A-OK.

          You will probably be able to get away with the 90W one in your case I should imagine I have a M10000, slimline cdrom, 3.5" hdd, gps etc all running from a Morex 55W! I'm hoping to get an Opus soon however for the low voltage protection, ability to survive cranking, and the shutdown controller too

          Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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            Anyone else want to weigh in? What do you think of what I've got built so far??


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              I contemplated this question for a long time. Then found it much easier to just use the parts I had, an 80watt power inverter from RadioShack and a standard ATX p/s. Keeping in mind, I am running a mATX board with Athlon cpu, so the p/s had to deliver more power than a Via ITX system needs.
              To prevent the inverter from staying on all the time, I used a bosch relay and two diodes, one input comes from ignition, the other comes from a power leg from the p/s. It's simple, not too expensive, and affords upgrades to faster cpus and more gear later. I have no engine noise.