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Problem with Keypower PSU

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  • Problem with Keypower PSU

    Anyone else have this problem with their Keypower dc-dc psu? Upon turning on the psu it powers up fine, but shut it down and try to restart it and we get nothing. Even after waiting a good while, turn it on and still get nothing. It's a random hit-or-miss with this thing now. Me and my trusty Fluke meter looked over the board and as best as I can tell there's no loose solder joints and no burnt-circuitry smell. I figure a cap might be going, but they seem to test fine. I've had this psu for 3+ years. Not a bad run, eh? Well, any ideas are appreciated. (I know, I know...but I'd rather not spend for an Opus now!)
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    You sure it isn't the mobo?

    How are you testing it?
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