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Help with Epia 800 / pw60 / ITPS

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  • Help with Epia 800 / pw60 / ITPS

    Good Afternoon.
    Hopefully someone can help me out. I have an Epia 800, ITPS, pw60 and a 12v motorcyle battery.

    I connected the battery to the pw60 but the Epia will not power up.
    I figured the board was receiving too much power, so I purchased the ITPS. I then placed that between the battery and the pw60 (obviously), but it still will not work. I also tried using a fully charged car battery. No luck.

    I will not be installing this board in a Car. It will be installed in a scooter, but it will not be incorporated into the electrical system (yet). So, it will be standalone, with it's own battery. Therefore, I will don't know where to plug the 'ignition' wire (red wire) from the ITPS. For now it's connected with the white wire to the positive terminal.

    Any Ideas?

    I know the board works fine because it powers up properly with a standard ATX power supply.

    Thanks in advance.

    Motorcyle Battery: 12v, 5Ah
    Car Battery: not sure.
    Board: Epia 800, 40mm fan, 2.4 HDD, 5.25 CDROM, 256 RAM.
    PS: pw60, ITPS.
    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi