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  • Calling Ricky327!!

    Hey ricky or whoever thinks they may know, I am trying to figure out what to change the OFFDELAY and HARDOFF to in the assembler code for the PIC chip of the ITPS so that they would both be in minutes instead of seconds. I would like for the shutdown to occur around 12-13 minutes after ignition is off and then the hard off to happen like 15 minutes after ignition is off. Also, once I find out how to do this I need to know what program I can feed this assembler code into to get the hex code that I need to program the PIC with. Thanks in advance. Later guys!

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    Check the PIC chip number you have on your ITPS first, its either 12C508 or 12F629.

    The source code is actually on thier website. All the delays are listed as "DEFINE"

    You can just change these values to whatever you want. Reassemble it using the free softwares from microchip.

    Then just burn it

    Ill give you all the link soon.


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      Heres the software you need :

      I believe the original code cant handle delay in minutes, so additional programming will be needed.


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        How hard would it be to write the program to do those 2 definitions in minutes? I totally don't know anything about the actual writing of the code, just how to program the actual chip. Can you kinda walk me through writing those 2 in minutes? Thanks!


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          Here are all the delays as found on the source code :

          ONDELAY equ .15 ;power on delay 3 seconds
          ONDELAY2 equ .5 ;wait 1 second until push button
          BUTTON equ .2 ;push button for 400 ms
          OFFDELAY equ .25 ;shut down 5 s after ignition off
          HARDOFF equ .225 ;hard off after 45 seconds

          Ok the .225 on the "HARDOFF" means 45 sec delays. The ITPS was programmed so that each decimal value is 0.2 second delays. ".225" doesnt mean 0.225, it actualy mean 225 the point just means its a decimal value.

          The maximum delay is 256 x 0.2 = 51.2 seconds. As I said modification to the code is needed if you want delays in minutes.


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            So how would you write the code so that you can have it shut down in minutes? I am kinda in the dark here. Let me kwow. Thanks!


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              To be honest, I cant just tell you without studying the code carefully.

              The one I modified before, it wasnt even based on the original code. I completely rewrote it as I found it easier than to study someone else code.

              Ill let you know as soon a I have something for you.

              But why such a long HARDOFF delay of 2 mins? The HARDOFF delay kick in after the shutdown signal is sent to the motherboard.


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                The reason is in case I wanted to go into a store for a few minutes I would want the offdelay to be like 10 minutes and then the hardoff to be like 12 or so. That's mainly why. BTW, what is the best way to get a hold of you?


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                  Ricky did you ever figure it out? I haven't heard from you in a while!


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                    Bear with me, Ill be re-coding it for PIC12F629


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                      Hey man PM me with your email address. Later.


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                        Does This Use A Xtal? Rc?
                        Change To A Slower One!


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                          Just to let you know I spoke with Vlad at and he told me there are releasing a new source code today that will allow shutdown times up to 127 minutes!! He is going to send me the source code today and if you want it let me know I will forward it to you. Later man!


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                            No, OSC is internal running at a standard 4Mhz.


                            Sorry I havnt had much progress as I have been away from home...working else where until sometimes next week.

                            The new code is going to be very valuable for most poeple in here as I do believe they also want longer delays.

                            I dont have an ITPS myself but please do post them. I would like to have a look at the code for reference as Im also making a shutdown controller...mostly done but not much time to finish it off.

                            But I guess its better to post the code in the forum for the benefits of others, the code is not that long...The HEX file is even shorter

                            Many thanks for that.