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testing opus outside of car

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  • testing opus outside of car

    i know this has been gone over but i cant find the damn threads in search
    i swear there was also a sticky but thats dissapeared as well


    im trying to test my 150w opus in my home
    ive hooked up another psu to feed 12v to the opus, i have that psu on but shorting the green wire on the atx cable with a ground (via a trusty paper clip)
    the opus gets power and goes into idle state waiting for ignition (green blink every 100ms)

    i cant get past this though
    ive tried connecting the ignition line to the 12v source and still get nothing

    am i doing something wrong?

    2004 G35 Coupe project

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    Did you connect the motherboard power connector from the Opus to your motherboard's Power On header ? If not, the Opus will not power on even if the Ignition wire is supplied with +12V. BTW, the connector is polarity-sensitive - if it doesn't work, switch it around.


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      yes i did and the polarity is correct
      2004 G35 Coupe project


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        ok i got it working
        apparently you need to leave the ignition line on the 12v source for 10 seconds or so and THEN it turns on
        everything works properly now
        2004 G35 Coupe project