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Lilliput current measurements, and AC-DC adapter pics

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  • Lilliput current measurements, and AC-DC adapter pics

    For those of you interested in these things, I have just posted current measurements of the Lilliput in various states. It actually has three!!; OFF, Stdy, and SignalLoss. You should be careful assuming that if the VGA signal goes away (ie you turned off your carpc) that the Lilly goes into standby. It doesn't! It is still drawing 214mA! This will eat your battery.

    I've also posted pictures of the guts of the Lilly AC-DC adapter.


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    awesome work mikeH
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      in your gell cell charger page ... on the schematic ... D1 is drawn backwards. the way it's drawn it will let current flow from your PS back to the car but not from your car to the PS ...

      you also want to move D1 either between the 'radio' and R1 like this ... or between R1 and D2 like this ... the first example is better at keeping current from draining backwards into your car's electrical system from your gell cell ... while the second circuit is better at giving your gell cell enough charging voltage ... however it allows a small amount of current leakage back into the vehicle.

      just fyi .

      hmmm ... ijust noticed something ... it's correct here but not here
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