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What gauge wire for opus?

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  • What gauge wire for opus?

    I was just curious on what gauge wire you guys used to connect your + and ground to your opus? I'm ordering all the wiring along with the opus so I want to make sure it's all right. Also, should I put a fuse in the + connected to the battery? If so, what amp?

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    I don't have an opus, but yes you want a fuse. Depending on what your run looks like I'd say anything between 4 and 14 gauge (4 would be hugely excessive).
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      I was thinking about just getting a 8 gauge kit...


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        Originally posted by XxAndyxX
        I was thinking about just getting a 8 gauge kit...
        8 gauge should do the job nicely!


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          8 gauge is overkill. The opus seems to use 12 or 14 guage on the iginition wire (yellow) and 10 gauge on the power and gnd wires.

          The 150W opus should draw no more than 13.5A, so even 12 guage on the whole thing would probably work fine. I used 10 gauge and put a 15A fuse inline, though the PSU is internally fused with 15A as well.
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            I used 12 gauge wire from the battery's +ve terminal and 10 gauge for grounding. 12 gauge wire is rated for 41A max (single wire, open air, < 135F). When enclosed or bundled, the rating has to be lowered but if you are only powering the Opus, 12 gauge is good enough.

            Of course, if you intend to power other stuff like amps in future, you might want to use 10 or 8 gauge going into a distribution block to avoid having to re-do the wiring later.


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              assuming 90% effiency of the supply (165 watts input, 150 output) your current draw would be 13.8 amps... should be suitable for 10 AWG wire.